Staking with Ledger Nano S/X

Learn how to delegate your stake with

Staking with Ledger Nano S/X and

Since the dawn of Cardano’s Shelley era, you can delegate your ADA coins to a stake pool. This is known as staking where you earn new ADA as staking rewards. This guide is primarily for ada holders who wish to delegate their ada to a stake pool, but are not sure about where to start.

Update with Ledger Live

1) Connect your Ledger Nano, enter PIN and open Ledger Live.
2) Click Manager and then upgrade your firmware to [version 1.6 or greater for Ledger Nano S] or [version 1.2.4 or greater for Ledger Nano X].
3) Update the Cardano ADA app to version 2.0.3 or greater.

Staking via

1) Visit
2) Click "Continue to ADALite"
3) Click "Hardware Wallet"
4) Click "Unlock with Ledger" button
5) On your Ledger wallet, confirm exporting the public key. This happens twice and needs two clicks.
6) If you previously had ADA before Shelley, you need to convert your balance to a Shelley Wallet. Click "Convert to stakable". Next, review and click "Confirm Transaction" and confirm transaction on your Ledger Nano.
7) With a stakable balance, you can now choose a stake pool.
8) In the Delegate Section, copy and paste the pool ID you would like to delegate to.

We would love to earn your delegation.

Our pool ID is f76e3a1104a9d816a67d5826a155c9e2979a839d0d944346d47e33ab
9) Review the delegation, click "Delegate" and confirm transaction on your Ledger Nano.

Nice Steak!

Now you're staking ADA. You're set to earn rewards every 5 days. First payout should arrive in about 15-20 days. HAPPY STEAKING!

Tips and Tricks

  • Staked funds always remain in your possession. You are not sending funds away.
  • You are free to move funds anytime. There is no lock up period.
  • Delegating requires a 2 ADA deposit. You get back your deposit when you undelegate your stake.
  • Staking does not require you to leave any wallets open. Feel free to close.
  • You can check the progress of your rewards every epoch or 5 days.
  • Rewards multiply with the power of compounding.
  • If you add more ADA to your account, the new ADA is automatically delegated. No need to re-delegate!
  • A minimum of 10 ADA is required to start a delegation.

When do my I get rewards (Detailed)

In conclusion

Staking and delegation are integral to the stability and security of Cardano, and through delegation, everyone is empowered to take part—making Cardano better for both the few and the many.